Buhr Erickson Farms - Partner with Us


At Buhr Erickson Farms we take our partnerships and investments seriously. We offer a couple of different ways to partner. Please contact us to see if investing in each other makes sense.

Cash Rent – Buhr Erickson farms takes care of the land we rent from others, as if it were our own. We do things like mowing ditches, clearing dead trees from shelter belts, taking actions necessary to prevent erosion and ensuring the drainage systems are properly cared for.

Flex Rents – Buhr Erickson Farms has come up with a very simplistic, straight forward Flex rent that offers a base rent as well as a bonus rent structure based on Future prices. We have found that this protects the landlords downside while keeping the upside open in these volatile grain markets.

Sharecropping – Please contact us for information on how to best structure this to meet your investment, tax and other needs.

Custom Farming – Buhr Erickson Farms is always interested in helping out a friend and neighbor through custom farming. We offer a variety of options of just doing one operation to a turn key operation, where we do everything including mowing the ditches. Call to see how Buhr Erickson Farms can help your operation out.

Contact us today to discuss a possible partnership with Buhr Erickson Farms.