Buhr Erickson Farms - Overview


Buhr Erickson Farms, a partnership of family members actively engaged in farming for over a century in southeastern ND. We are proud of being involved in various aspects of farming most of our lives - whether it was being raised on a farm, working on a farm as youths or working in ag-related businesses as young professionals. Our goals include providing the best yields and profitability while using practices that improve the land for future generations. We use cutting edge technology to track our crops and assure that our returns are maximized. We have long standing partnerships in share cropping and cash leasing. We pride ourselves on having the best equipment, technology, staff, farm, fields and yields in the surrounding area. Buhr Erickson Farms prides itself on staying on the cutting edge of new and innovative farming and business practices. We are fully integrated with precision ag.

Each member of the Buhr Erickson Farms brings a strong set of skills to their area of responsibility.

Zane Erickson has many years of farming and agri-business experience. He is passionate about farming and enjoys seeing how the latest technology and innovative techniques can improve yields and cost saving. Zane provides overall direction for the business. His primary area of responsibility includes marketing crops, risk management, and financial management. He directs the day to day activities of field prep, planting, spraying, harvesting and post-harvest fieldwork.

Reed Erickson is a NDSU Crop and Weed Science graduate and provides direction regarding crop rotations, crop selection, agronomy coordination with regards to seed selection; fertilizer needs analysis, chemical applications to treat weed, bug or fungal/biological pests with herbicides, insecticides or fungicides. Reed works with other agronomists to analyze the cost benefit of various applications on yields.

Eric Erickson has been involved in farming operations since 1984. He is very talented mechanically and provides experience to the farming operation. Eric is familiar with equipment needs, land and all aspects of farming.